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  • Married For The Wrong Reasons!
    Dear Fearless Love,I’m 35 and have been married 3 years. Frankly speaking, I married because I didn’t want to be left alone. I got caught up in the fun of Read more
  • How To Fight Fair?
    Dear Fearless Love, From time to time, my husband and I argue – over big and little things. While he tends to keep his cool, typically I usually get very upset Read more
  • Will I Be Alone Forever?
    Dear Fearless Love, I’m in my thirties. I have a lot of friends and a career. What I don’t have is a partner. I feel left out of an important part Read more
  • Love or Security?
    Dear Fearless Love, I have been dating a wonderful man for about 8 months and I don’t think I have ever felt more loved, adored and appreciated by anyone, however he Read more
  • Commitment Before Love: Can That Work?
    Dear Fearless Love, My husband and I met online six months ago. We were very attracted to each other and we both knew we wanted marriage and a family. We got Read more
  • Is The Person You’re Falling for a Love Addict?
    The beginning of a healthy long-term relationship and a love addiction can look very similar: time disappears when you’re together, a smile from ear to ear; you’re walking on a Read more