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  • Gratitude Exercises That Transform Your Life
    In the spirit of Happy Thanksgiving, I am sharing 5 gratitude exercises that help to transform your day and if put into practice will help transform your life.  Read more
  • What is Sexual Consent vs Sexual Abuse
    Sexual consent, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment are terms being used in our culture more than ever. Are they all same thing, or are they different? Does it matter, anyway?  Read more
  • Narcissists and The Trap of Trauma Bonding
    How can you know if you are staring into the eyes of an imposter? Are you able to spot a narcissist in your life? What if you swear you love Read more
  • Trauma, PTSD, Relationships and Trauma-Informed Therapy
    Ever wonder why you keep doing things that you don't want to do? Or why you keep getting stuck in similar arguments with your partner? How about why you keep attracting the kind of people in your life? I discuss what are signs of trauma, and how does unhealed trauma impact a relationship, what is trauma-informed therapy. Read more
  • From Love Trauma To Fearless Love Audiobook Launch
    I discuss the creation of my Best-Selling Book to bring you behind the scenes and give you insight on what inspired me to write a self-help fantasy/fiction. If the topic of relationships or healing is important to you, or if you desire to write a best seller, click on the link! Read more
  • Rebuilding Trust After Cheating
    Can a relationship survive after an affair? Experiencing betrayal can cause you to doubt your attractiveness, to question your ability to trust. Discovering your partner's affair can be devastating and Read more

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