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  • Watch My TV Interview On Intimacy
    I was recently featured as a guest on Divorce Connection Network with Attorney Tammy Saltzman. The focus of this episode is on intimacy and how the emotional and physical aspects Read more
  • Rethinking Marriage
    I’m 41 and have been together with my girlfriend for 2 years and everything is great. We’ve talked about getting married, but I’m not sure that is the best route Read more
  • Friends With The Ex
    Dear Fearless Love, I am still friends with my ex, but my current boyfriend has an issue with this. We are just friends, but he feels uncomfortable about us still hanging Read more
  • Dating After Divorce
    Dear Fearless Love, I want to ask out a woman I know, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea. She divorced her husband about 4 months ago. I’m not close Read more
  • After The Affair: Tell Or Do Not Tell?
    I cheated on my husband and I haven’t told him. I’ve broken it off with the other man. I know what I did was wrong and I feel guilty and Read more
  • Preparing For Dating
    Dear Fearless Love, Who are you- really? I am considering joining an online dating site. I have heard that people online frequently misrepresent themselves and many are already married. I think Read more