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News: Passion Unlimited Podcast Premiere

Happy 2020! What are your intentions for this new Decade?


For me, the last decade was about establishing Fearless Love Counseling and Coaching (February 2011), where I have the privilege of supporting individuals and couples in the US and aboard to heal from past wounds, live more authentically and to create safe and intimate marriages and fearless loving relationships.

Last decade was also about writing my first book From Love Trauma To Fearless Love: 7 Tango Steps for Breaking Free from Narcissists and Predators. The book is a heroine’s journey to getting her power back. It explores red flags, identifies narcissistic abuse and psychopathic behaviors, and explains how to survive and recover from the trauma. It took four growling years to write it! But it was well worth it as it became a #1 New Release on Amazon (October 2018).

My intentions for From Love Trauma To Fearless Love are that it may become a classic for healing hearts and that it may also be adapted into a series, movie and/or theater production. I would appreciate, if you would share my Story Rocket profile with someone you know who is a movie agent or with a production company. Click on this link for my Story Rocket profile and share it!

With a 50% divorce rate, statistics say that 50% of the entire US population is either single or divorced and alone. While a portion of the married population feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. On February 5, 2020, I am co-producing and co-hosting, alongside Coach Michaela Logue, Passion Unlimited Podcast!

Passion Unlimited Podcast is personal development, healthy living, family, faith and confidence coaching for both men and women. We will be providing expert tips and strategies for a thriving purpose-filled life of love, intimacy and amazing relationships. It is our hope that you would create a healthy balanced life while pursuing your dreams. Both Michaela and Jianny deliver a down to earth, authentic approach to ignite the fire within you.

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If you guessed that my intentions for the new decade are to bring my soulful message of hope, love and healing to the media, you guessed right! Don’t let fears and insecurities limit your greatness. What do you want to awaken and make possible in your new era?

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