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Thank You Heartbreak!

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It is an honor and privilege to announce that I am now featured on Mogul Magazine! I was interviewed on my personal experience with heartbreak and how I found the courage to heal and use my experience to help others. The interview is published within their Love and Relationship category in their online learning section and may be viewed at Thank You, Heartbreak – Spotlighting Creatives.

Mogul is an award-winning platform reaching millions of women per week across 196 countries and 30,470 cities. Headquartered in NYC, with offices in San Francisco and Paris.

Mogul was named Top Website for Marketing Your Company Online by Forbes, and Top Online Learning Platform by Entrepreneur. Mogul was also Winner of the Cadillac Innovator Award, Winner of the Innovation & Inclusion Award, and has been honored by Business Insider “30 Under 30”, ELLE Magazine “30 Under 30”,  and Harvard Business School.

Here’s a sneak peek:

In our 24th spotlight, we hear from the most recent recipient of the Golden Mouse Relationship Coach of the Year Award, Jianny Adamo, LMHC, LPC, 47, of Delray Beach, FL. The Founder of Fearless Love Relationship Coaching and Counseling, Jianny’s main mission is to empower, educate, and enlighten. As a licensed psychotherapist and coach, Jianny works with her clients to help them see that intimate relationships, although conflicted at times, are nature’s path to healing, personal growth, and happiness. In other words, even our darkest romances add muscle to our bones. They strengthen us. Embolden us. And teach us what we are here to learn at the highest level.

Of course, strength can be hard to come by when betrayal is both crippling and blinding at once. This is exactly why professionals like Jianny are essential. They lead the way when we can barely get ourselves out of bed. They remind us of all the reasons we have to show up in this world, of all we have going for ourselves.

In fact, reminding her clients of all they have going for themselves is a task Jianny is met with often—as she specializes in post-psychopathic recovery. A survivor of psychopathic abuse herself, Jianny understands firsthand what it is to have one’s own sense of dignity obliterated and one’s talent for loving exploited by a social predator who, while charming, is void of conscious.

In her upcoming self-help novel, From Love Trauma To Fearless Love: 7 Tango Steps for Breaking Free From Narcissists and Predators, Jianny writes about overcoming emotional fraud.

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