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10 Reasons You’re Already a Winner: Wisdom on Contentment and Happiness

0483917001597698113.jpgWith the Powerball jackpot going over a billion dollars and setting a new world record, we’re all asking ourselves what it would be like to win so much? If you weren’t one of the lucky winners, here are the Best 10 Reasons You’re Already a Winner:

1. Your friend calls to tell you she bought lottery tickets and if she wins, you won’t need to struggle making ends meet or settling for awful men undeserving of you. And she meant it. Real friends are a rarity.
2. You get your zzzz’s at night without any sleep aide. Cuddling your pillow in bed brings a smile to your face. A clean conscience has immediate and lasting effects on your life’s satisfaction and health.
3. You’d purchase a chocolate factory and mail a box of chocolates wrapped in a big pink bow to every woman during their PMS week. Kindness and care. Two virtues in high demand.
4. You’ve closed out 2015 well – making amends, letting go of things you can’t change and giving thanks to God for your provisions in the last 365 days. Living with humility, a spiritual practice that’s good for the soul.
5. You wake up each morning in the arms of your best friend who sings to you in bed. Sure, he needs singing lessons, but there’s plenty of laughs, care and admiration. Having someone to love and be loved by…priceless.
6. And let’s face it: Your brain can’t wrap around the changes, responsibilities and stress that would happen if you actually won all that money. We like familiarity, keeping it simple!
7. You’d want to give it away. Trust funds for everyone! Send underprivileged kids to school, support the cure for cancer, pay off the mortgage of your struggling neighbors, feed the world… Yes, that’s generosity, the gift of living life is worth so much more, when our focus isn’t just on ourselves.
8. You received a clean bill of health after struggling for months with an illness. With health and wellness the world becomes your oyster, a springboard to attaining your life’s goals and heart’s desires. Add a little elbow grease, faith and perseverance and you’re on your way.
9. You like who you work with and would love to take the whole office on a private jet to your very own party island. Having a community of people you like to hang around with and a job you enjoy makes you more content than winning the lottery in the end!
10. When you look in the mirror what you see are two bright eyes smiling back at you. Self-acceptance and self-compassion. Need I say more?
Happiness is found in the simple things. If you have health, love and dreams to aspire to, you have everything you need. Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


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