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A Smart Woman’s Guide to Love and Happiness: A New Year’s Resolution

0146457001597696167.jpgDid you know that 2+0+1+5 = 8 and the biblical meaning of eight is a new beginning? That is great news for our love lives —for we are being reset! Say good-bye to unfulfilling relationships.

Nurturing these eight habits in 2015 will position us to receive all the best this new season has to offer:

1. Prioritizing self-care. Getting a good night’s rest, eating nutritious meals and exercising set a good start for harnessing positive energy and looking our best. Remember, the key is to make small and conscious choices.

2. A grateful heart. Starting each morning with an appreciation or affirming thought puts us a step closer to our heart’s desire. “Thank you, the love of my life is waiting for me” or “Thank you, this is the year I become financially independent.”

3. Ditching negative thinking – about ourselves, our loved ones, and our circumstances. Replacing them with positive, affirming statements. “This is the year I will get married or this is the year I will find my soulmate.”

4. Not sweating the small stuff. What seems like the “biggest problem ever” in the moment, in time, will become a speck of dust. Breathe and remind yourself, “Everything is just the way it’s supposed to be. It will all work together for good.”

5. Practicing forgiveness. Holding onto resentment saps our energy and keeps us stuck in the past. Forgiveness sets us free and our hearts become open to love.

6. Choosing friends and relationships that inspire. The people we surround ourselves with will either become a spring board or will hold us back. Hanging out with unmotivated or negative people will keep us stagnant and make us depressed. We need to walk alongside the right people to achieve our greatest level of happiness and success.

7. Developing a creative ability. Whether you want to cook like a gourmet chef, entertain your friends and family with your musicality or learn how to use water color, create the time. Investing in ourselves has huge dividends with residual effects, like, feeling happy.

8. Laughing more. Being more spontaneous and being sillier takes the edge off and releases endorphins that offset stress. Do you know what the number one thing that captivates a man’s heart? It’s our positive energy. So go ahead and glow! As women, when we walk as beacons of light and love we fulfill our purpose and are casting a wide net to catching our fish.

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