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13 Signs You Are Stuck in a Bad Romance


A major cause of low self-esteem comes as the result of emotional abuse. It is important to know the signs of a bad romance that can lead to feelings of unworthiness. The following are signs of an emotionally manipulative and abusive person:

1. Lacks a ConscienceHe cyber stacks his ex, downloads current pictures of her from social media and shows up to places she will be present not respecting her space or need for healing.

2. Does Not Make You a Priority
He is entitled to treat you any way he wants to but you need to respond to his needs, perfectly.

3. Manipulates
He doesn’t call or contact you while he is traveling. But brings you a gift to win you back.

4. Disrespects You
He makes unpleasant comments about your weight, how you dress and will call you stupid, fat and crazy. But on the hand will remind you how well he treats.

5. Lacks Empathy
When you have body aches or are feeling hurt, it doesn’t come naturally to him to try to alleviate your pain. You beg for a neck rub or support. In turn, he calls you needy.

6. Puts You Down
He calls you a princess for having expectations about being seen and heard in the relationship.

7. Undependable
He is all about having fun when you are together but when you need his help with a school, work, or home project, he’s unavailable. You are on your own.

8. Projects His Own Issues
He doesn’t safeguard the relationship and is still communicating in social groups with other single ladies, yet accuses you of flirting with other men when you are out.

9. Lacks Integrity and Honesty
When you try to hold him accountable, he gives you a quick answer or redirects the conversation. Deep down inside you sense there is something wrong with what he said and with what you have experienced. You feel confused, emotionally unsafe or insecure because he is manipulating you with lies and deception.

10. Lacks Commitment
He doesn’t plan his future with you, even the dates are created on a whim. Things happen when he chooses to engage with you. He oscillates between availability and disappearing causing tension and suspension or a push and pull that will manufacture intensity.

11. Self-centered
“Us” is not part of his vocabulary. He says your standards are too high and making you happy makes him feel pressure. The truth is, love moves us to give selflessly.

12. Lacks a Sense of Dignity
You ask him to respect certain sexual boundaries. He tells you he hears you and the next minute he moves through those boundaries. Your welfare, as well as the welfare of others, are not a concern.

13. Plays With Your Emotions
His inconsistencies, play on words, disappearing acts, inability to be held accountable, blame shifting will keep you feeling inadequate and powerless.

Finding a man who will respect and care for you can be tough but not impossible. The power is within you; you deserve better. Emotional manipulations and abuse create confusion about your worthiness, which generates low self-esteem. But the truth is you are worthy of a true connection of love. Do not settle until you have the right balance of heart-skipping love, passion and peace with a person who will respond to your needs, support and challenge you to be the best version of yourself.


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