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  • Resolving Anger and Conflict
    Do you feel disconnected when you or your partner express anger? Or are you afraid of escalating when either one of you expresses irritation? What happens in your relationship when you Read more
  • Are You Speaking Your Partner's Love Language
    You don’t love me! Do you find yourself uttering these words more often than not? If you are looking for ways to stop the complaints, create more harmony and to connect more deeply, welcome to PASSION UNLIMITED PODCAST. Read more
  • Resolve Conflict Now!
    Are you one of the hundreds of people who use the “D” or “B” words in order to stop a conflict? If you’re like most people you’ll go to great lengths to avoid conflict. Do you wonder why? Read more
  • Stop Making These Communication Mistakes And Improve Your Intimacy Now!
    Did you know that #anger, tension, and #conflict are part of a #healthyrelationship? But did you know that HOW you argue can predict a future breakup and divorce? Read more
  • Communication Tips To Get What You Want From Your Relationship
    Relationship Reboot Series! If you and your spouse or significant other have had increased tension, communication breakdown, if issues from the past have resurfaced, or if you’ve discovered a new side of your partner that you may not like very much during this pandemic, you are not alone! Read more
  • What is Teletherapy Counseling?
    Online counseling, also known as teletherapy or telemental health, is a growing field. A therapist provides psychological counseling and support over the internet through video conferencing, online chat, or a Read more