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Virtual Coaching

The Conscious Dating Virtual Coaching Program is an innovative approach to helping singles achieve their most important relationship goal - finding a life partner. You may agree that singles can have a hard time finding lasting love.  The Conscious Dating Virtual Coaching Program takes the guesswork out of dating by providing a clear, step-by-step method to ensure your success. 

What’s included in the Conscious Dating Virtual Coaching Program:


  • 6-Module Conscious Dating Virtual Coaching Program 
  • Innovative, self-paced program conducted online in the privacy of your home
  • Each module includes: 
        • Workbooks and easy-to-follow, step by step exercises
        • Weekly Action Plan to keep you on track
        • Instructional audio programs walk you through the steps of each module
        • Optional bonus exercises for further development if desired
  • 6-Month password-protected access to the program to help keep you on track with your goal of finding a life partner
  • Assessment tools 
  • Dating Red Flags Checklist 
  • Two 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • You even get a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing! 

Here's exactly what you can expect from the Conscious Dating Virtual Coaching Program:

Module 1: Adopt a New View of Dating

This module provides you with a new understanding of what it means to date with conscious intention. After completing this module you will understand the concept of Conscious Dating and have more clarity about who you are and what you want in a relationship.


Module 2: Discover the Relationship You Desire 

This module provides you with a deeper exploration of what’s important to you as you begin your conscious search for the love of your life. After taking the steps recommended in this module you will have a clearer picture of what you want in a relationship and will begin to utilize a set of powerful tools for creating the relationship you desire. 

Module 3: Uncover What You Really Need In a Relationship

This module will help you uncover your deepest needs and requirements for your future partnership. After completing this module you will understand what it is that you require and need in a partnership and will have identified how you may unknowingly sabotage getting what you really want in your relationships and dating.

Module 4: Embrace a Mindful Approach to Dating 

This module helps you realize the important role that your friends and family play in supporting you and your relationships. You learn the basics of meeting and keeping the attention of someone  whom you'd like to get to know. After taking these steps you'll be more aware of your interactions with others, who you're attracted to and how you present yourself. As these dating skills become second nature, you'll find yourself more able to relax and enjoy the experience of dating and meeting new people.

Module 5: Make Your Vision a Reality With Conscious Action

In this module, you learn how to live a full and satisfying life as a single who has defined your goals and made your plans for fulfilling your life's vision. You will have implemented firm guidelines to use in your new relationships! You will be able to enjoy your personal strengths and goals knowing that you are on the right track to finding and creating a lasting relationship. 

Module 6: Stay in the Game 

This module will teach you how to scout, screen and quickly test potential partners to determine if they meet your requirements. You will learn where to find compatible singles, how to identify and reach out to singles that attract you, and how to prevent unpleasant experiences as a Conscious Dater.


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