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Licensed Psychotherapist & Coach

As social beings we desire to be in a safe and intimate relationship. Often times we go through desperate measures, denying who we are in order to be accepted, ultimately betraying ourselves. At other times, we hide behind masks and barriers cutting off our ability to engage in deep connection and closeness.
I support you to release and move past fear and limitations that are getting in the way of your fulfillment. I believe this is possible by embracing authenticity and living life with purpose. 
My training and skills focus on preparing you for a life-time of love by assisting you to increase self-awareness, shift to empowering attitudes and behaviors and to align your choices with your goals. As the client, you are the 'expert' on self, and as the facilitator, I am the specialist on theories for mental, emotional, relational and spiritual change. 
For couples, I offer a customized program tailored to your specific needs to grow in love, intimacy and understanding. For singles, I offer a relationship readiness program, which teaches relationship-ready skills. These skills and an open heart allow you to attract and connect with the love of your life. For singles interested in a self-paced home-study course, I offer a 6-module online virtual coaching program.

My passion to help create intimate, life-long fulfilling marriages led me to earn a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling from Nyack College, NY where it combined psychological and spiritual theories to understanding humanity. Intimate relationships, although conflictive at times, are natureís path to healing, personal growth and happiness. In many ways itís a reflection of the love or union God intends to have with us--a union where itís safe to know and be known, love that transcends the individual, calling forth inner strength, purpose and vitality.
Nothing excites me more then to support you to move towards a rewarding life centered on freedom to love, ability to connect deeply and to live purposefully.

Jianny Adamo, MA in Counseling
National Certified Counselor
FL - Licensed Mental Health Counselor 
NJ - Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Relationship Coach

238 NE 1st Avenue Suite 104
Delray Beach, FL 33483 
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